Home Chef Meal Delivery Service Review

A few months ago I saw a coupon online for a huge discount off of Home Chef and decided to give it a try. Home Chef is a company that puts together meals for you and delivers them with all the ingredients already measured and easy-t0-follow recipes right to your door.

You can choose from meals for 2 people or 4 people, how many meals you want and what day you want it delivered. They give you options for weekly deliveries, but you can also skip weeks if you will be out of town or if you just want deliveries every-other week. You have the option to freeze your account at any time. Turning it back on when you’re ready for your next order is super easy.

When it comes to the menu, Home Chef lets you tell them your preferences when you create your account. You can select all meatless dishes, gluten-free dishes, low calorie or low carb meals. Then, each week Home Chef automatically picks 3 (or 5, depending on your selection) meals for you based on your saved preferences. But what’s awesome is that they have a ton of other menu options you can select from too!

I go in to my account every Wednesday and see what Home Chef has picked for me for my meals next week. Most of the time I’m totally happy with what they’ve selected for me. But sometimes they’ve got another meal on the menu that just sounds killer good and I can’t miss it! So I’ll switch out one of the meals they’ve chosen for me to another option they have. It’s super easy to change your items so you get exactly what you and your family want.

Let’s dive right in. In my box this week, I ordered London Broil Sirloin Steak with Grilled Zucchini and Sweet Potato Fries, Parmesan Crusted Salmon with fresh Arugula Salad and Basil-Balsamic Vinaigrette, and Buffalo Turkey Burgers with Bleu Cheese, Sweet Potato Wedges, and Celery Slaw.

On your selected delivery day (we do Wednesdays) the box will arrive at your door. If you’re not home to get it right away, don’t worry. Home Chef packs the box full of ice packs so they food will stay fresh until you get home. Here’s what ours looked like this week when I unpacked it all.

All of the meat, side dishes, and sauces perfectly measured out along with the super easy to read, bright and colorful recipe cards. One thing I’ve really enjoyed about Home Chef are these recipe cards. All of the instructions are broken down, easy to follow, and I never feel confused. They make it so it’s very hard to mess these dishes up. And I love that they put pictures along with each step so I can follow along visually too!

The first dish we tried out was the Parmesan Crusted Salmon.

I love that the ingredients for each meal come all wrapped together in one big bag. I don’t have to guess which recipe certain ingredients go with – each bag is labeled so I know exactly which recipe it goes with! These were all the ingredients for the Parmesan Crusted Salmon (minus the actual salmon filets which were defrosting in the sink).

Another great thing about Home Chef is that it gives you the little things that you might already have in your kitchen (like sugar or mustard) but they’re in perfectly measured portions needed for the recipe! Some things that Home Chef doesn’t provide and assumes you have are olive oil, salt, pepper, and the actual pans you cook with. But other than that I haven’t found an ingredient that they’ve called for that they didn’t already provide for me!


The step-by-step instructions tell you what to do to prep before you even start cooking. It usually involves chopping up some of the ingredients. I have these cute little bowls that come in real handy when I’m chopping to keep all the ingredients separate.

I like to compare my prep work with the pictures they provide as I’m going through the instructions. I was so excited about this salmon dish because all of the ingredients just sounded so delicious. Parmesan, breadcrumbs, Dijon mustard, arugula, mmmmmmm it sure sounded like a yummy dish!

I must say this dish turned out pretty darn close to picture perfect! And it tasted as delicious as it looks! This was definitely our favorite meal out of the box. The portion size was just right. Home Chef really does help us with our portion sizes a lot. We tend to overdo it on the starch/carb front at dinner time. But having Home Chef meals three times a week eliminates that extra calorie source and we still feel completely satisfied after we are done!

The next meal we tried was the Buffalo Turkey Burger. Here’s what the ingredients bag came with (minus the buns which I forgot to put in this picture, oops!). I love buffalo anything so I was really excited about this one. We made these on a Sunday night which went perfect with some football watching!

More chopping prep for this meal too. I love that Home Chef only gives you the exact amount of ingredients that you need for each meal. If I picked out a recipe like this and had to shop for an ingredient like celery or green onions, I’d have to buy a whole bunch of them which means I’d have a ton left over that I didn’t need. They’d probably end up going to waste in my fridge. Home Chef gave me two celery stalks and two green onion stems which was the perfect amount for the recipe – no waste!

And here’s how it turned out! The burger was so juicy and I loved topping it with the crunchy slaw! One small thing to note, I did add my own little twist to this recipe. The slaw was only supposed to be coated with a little of the buffalo sauce and some olive oil. I’m not a big fan of super spicy and the buffalo sauce was a little hotter than I normally like it. So I added about 2 tbsp. of Ranch dressing to the salad and it toned down the buffalo spice perfectly. I love adding my own touch to recipes so this was pretty par for the course for me. If you follow their recipes exactly, you’ll still be super happy with the result!

And just because I thought you’d enjoy seeing the juicy inside of the burger, an extra picture for you! The bun really topped this dish off perfectly. It was delicious and stood up to the juicy burger. I’m never disappointed in the quality of the ingredients Home Chef provides!

The last dinner we cooked was the London Broil Steak. For this one, we made a few substitutions and had to modify the instructions a little bit, but it still turned out to be delicious!

I’m so excited to share with you guys that, for the first time in my life, I actually minced garlic! I keep a refrigerated jar of minced garlic so the work has already been done for me. But Home Chef sent two cloves of garlic as an ingredient for the steak marinade and I actually got to mince it myself! I love that I get to try all kinds of new things with Home Chef. It takes me out of my culinary comfort zone and I learn something new with every box!


Here’s a pro-tip I’ve learned – Ziploc bags are perfect for marinade. The instructions said to marinade the steak in a bowl but I decided to use the Ziploc bag instead. It’s easier clean up and I feel like the steak gets marinated better when each part is able to soak. In a bowl it just seems like the marinade isn’t able to reach all of the steak. So, I did it my way instead!

And here’s the finished product! We don’t have a grill or a grill pan so I had to cook the steaks in the oven and the zucchini on the stove top. I love seeing grill marks on my food so it was a bit disappointing that couldn’t grill. Also, we had sweet potatoes with the Buffalo burgers two nights before this and we were kind of over them. I used regular potatoes instead of sweet potatoes as the other side dish instead. A few substitutions but it still turned out super yummy!

Have I convinced you to try Home Chef yet?!

If you want to try Home Chef out for yourself, sign up on their website and use the coupon code HMOF38Q8QV to get $30 off your first order and free shipping! We have figured out a way to fit Home Chef into our weekly grocery budget and I am so happy about it. The meals are delicious, I enjoy cooking them, and it makes sense financially for us to keep using Home Chef.

If you guys try it out and love any of the recipes, let me know! Maybe some weeks we will end up cooking the same meals and it’ll be like we are having dinner together!


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