Friday Fails – January

My first Friday Fails post – yay!

Have you guys ever searched Pinterest for quotes about failure? If you haven’t you definitely should because it’s pretty incredible how many motivating mantras there are for when you feel like you’re failing. Wow, that was a great little 5-minute pick-me-up session right there.

According to the dictionary, the definition of failure is, “lack of success; the omission of expected or required action; a falling short.” It doesn’t say anything about failure being final, a dead end, or that the person who failed is flawed in any way. It’s just when you expected one thing to happen, but it didn’t. Something else happened instead.

When we let failures cause us to stop trying or give up, that’s when we lose. When we lose, we stop trying. We stop making gains, we stop seeing any sign of improvement or motivation to continue trying. But when something fails, it just means it didn’t go according to plan and we have an infinite number of chances to try it again.

By sharing Friday Fails, I hope that we can all start to see that failure is inevitable and it happens to everyone. But that doesn’t mean that we have to stop trying. It just means we keep going until we get the result we want.

So here I am ready to share a few fails from this month so that we can build a little tribe of people who encourage each other to keep going. I hope we can help each other see that our failures are not a reason to quit trying, they’re just the opposite! Everyone has their stories to tell about the little things that happen to keep life interesting so why not share them and use them to build each other up, right?

One of the quotes that struck me the most during my Pinterest search was this one:

Amen to that! Friday Fails is a place where we throw out the shame that comes with failure. If that’s why we’re afraid to share or afraid to keep trying, for fear of embarrassment, then nothing great will ever get accomplished! Let’s get over this hump together and stop making failure shameful. Let’s make it an opportunity to admit that something we tried didn’t go according to plan and look to each other for encouragement and advice on how to do better next time.

Candy…there was candy everywhere in December. It wasn’t necessarily a goal of mine to not eat candy this month but by the first weekend in January I realized, “Hey, I haven’t had any candy this month! Maybe I should make that a thing.” Maybe it was the fact that I turned it into a thing that made me finally cave by January 19th, but the fact is, I caved. I had candy when I was trying not to. And I kept having candy, it wasn’t a one-time deal. The candy monster got me, he got me good.

I blew our grocery budget. Ugh, I hate this one. We have been on a spending freeze this month (more on that here) so we’ve been trying to stick to our normal budgets for the rest of our bills and necessary spending. We have a pretty hefty monthly grocery budget because we don’t go out for lunch or dinner very often, we eat almost every meal at home each month. That’s reflected in our grocery budget. But this month, with the snow storm, a more-than-normal work from home schedule for me, and football games at home (instead of going out to watch the game), we kind of blew the budget. How do you make it work when you’re stuck inside so much?!

Don’t leave me hanging on this one…share some of your fails this month! Comment here or our Facebook page ,any tips on how to stick to a goal you had, how to train your brain to not break down once you decide you want to accomplish something? I swear to you guys it’s like the second I realized I hadn’t eaten any candy this month it was like my brain went, “Oh well we will take care of that real quick…” and out the window it went!

Here’s to encouraging each other to keep on going even though we fall off the horse sometimes!


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