Hi there!

Welcome to Living Simply Normal. I believe in finding happiness and joy in your very normal life. It’s easy to get overwhelmed trying to design your life around Pinterest pictures and your favorite celebrities or online influencers. Trying to create a picture perfect life can also be lonely if you’re always on the go, always looking for the next big thing.

I wanted to create a place to share the joy and happiness that I’ve found in my simply normal life. Nothing in my home is Pinterest perfect and I no longer try to make it that way. I’m a working professional and I enjoy cooking, cleaning, and organizing my home. I look to Pinterest and other bloggers for ideas and inspiration, but not as a standard.

I share recipes that don’t require a trip to a specialty grocery store, most things you probably already have in your kitchen. My cleaning and organization tips are all routines/products/schedules that I practice in my life so I can promise that they’re practical. I work in a professional office so my workplace advice comes from first-hand experiences.

Life is also full of fun stuff and hard stuff. I ask the hard questions for you, like, “What the heck is a 401(k)?” and “What do I need to do in order to buy a home?” Big ‘ol life events that every normal person has questions, fears, and anxiety about, yeah you’ll find that stuff here. Because it’s normal. Most of us aren’t dropping millions of dollars on homes (but if you are – you probably still have questions too, right?). We just have basic questions.

Good, ask them.

I like to have fun, so I’ll share that stuff with you too. Traveling is my favorite and I love planning dream vacations. I also love to try new things so I’ll give you some inside advice on what things I like and what things I don’t. You won’t see me giving you a vacation review on my trip to Bora Bora anytime soon. I stick to normal things like travel planning websites, meal planning reviews, book reviews, and maybe some other randomness from time to time.

I want you to feel empowered, informed, curious, and excited by what you read. If you ever have a question about how I do something or if you want any suggestions specific to you, I want you to ask. Asking questions is how I’ve learned. If you need someone to ask, I’m happy to be that person.

Everyday, normal life is perfect. The struggles, the stress, and the questions you have are a starting point for you to learn. I hope you can use this site as a resource and feel empowered by what you read. Ask questions, try new things, and enjoy being normal!

5 Things About Me

  1. I can’t eat anything besides breakfast foods before noon. I am not one of those, “Let’s have leftover pizza for breakfast!” kinds of people. It really grosses me out when friends send me texts that they are having chili, spaghetti, tacos, or vegetables for breakfast. Give me all the eggs, bacon, toast, and cereal. No lunch or dinner foods until noon.
  2. I’m a southern girl who hates sweet tea and grits. Sometimes I think I’m going to get kicked out of the south for admitting that, but it’s true. Sweet tea is just too bitter for me. And grits, that texture, I just can’t. It’s like eating baby food – yuck!
  3. If I want to blow off steam or de-stress, let me clean. If my husband has done something to push my buttons or if I’m mad at someone, all I want to do is clean. I don’t want any help, I want you to get out of my way and let me vacuum. I think it has something to do with the instant gratification that comes with cleaning. It’s therapeutic for me, and I always feel a million times better after I’m done disinfecting my whole house.
  4. I love watching TV. You know those people who say, “Oh the only thing on TV these days is trashy, it’s a waste of my time,”? Well I am the opposite of that person. On a day with nothing to do, I can plop down on the couch and watch TV all day and be the happiest person alive. And since I know you’re dying to know, my favorite shows are Chopped, Fixer Upper, House Hunters, Grey’s Anatomy, Chicago P.D., This Is Us, and Younger.
  5. The three words I would use to describe myself are competitive, sarcastic, and hungry. I don’t like to do things that I’m not good at. It’s a character flaw, I know. But if I don’t think I will be successful at something, I’m probably not going to try it (or if I do, I’ll quit before I embarrass myself). How’s that for honesty? I’m incredibly sarcastic and will always try to lighten the mood with a smarty pants comment or joke. And I’m also hungry – in the food sense (all the time) and also in my goals. I’m hungry for success and I’m dedicated to the things I love. I hope you’ll see my passion for helping othersĀ in everything you read here!

A Few Pictures

Here’s my sweet family- my amazing husband Steven, our Husky named Wilson, and our Lab mix rescue girl named Mila!















One of my favorite vacations was a surprise trip to Alaska! I had the best calamari EVER. Also, another fun fact about me is that 95% of the time, my hair is in a top-knot bun.












One of my greatest accomplishments was finishing the Walt Disney World Marathon in January of 2016. Running this race at my favorite place on Earth was truly an incredible experience.

Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully you don’t think I’m a totally strange bird and want to keep browsing Living Simply Normal. I’m always here to ask questions, so don’t hesitate to reach out and ask!